Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Karpuravalli – Cure for Cough

               Coleus Ambonicus is known as karpuravalli in Tamil. This plant should be grown in homes where there are children. It is called as Karpuravalli because it carries the flavor of  camphor. In Tamil karpuram means camphor. Coleus ambonicus is a much branched, fleshy, highly aromatic pubescent herb. The plant is a Malay species,cultivated and found run wild. It grows in Circars,Deccan and Carnatic.Karpura Valli  is a juicy plant. It is most probably found in Indian homes especially in many places in south India. In Malayalam it is called as Oma Valli whereas in Hindi it is called as Ajwain and Kattumaruva in Kannada.

Karpuravalli Leaves
    Karpuravalli  has various medicinal properties. . The leaves contain glucosides of luteolin and apigenin.  Karpuravalli leaf is an excellent cure for cough and cold. Adding this leaves to rasam  during winter season helps us to recover from severe wheezing and  bronchitis related issues. A decotion of Karpura valli and tulsi help alleviate cold and cough. Juice of fresh leaves is used in urticaria and other allergic conditions.  Karpuravalli helps in eliminating toxins from the body and promotes  perspirations. It also increases absorption of nutrients and helps regulate female menstruation. It helps in regenerating cells and tissues and promotes longevity. It is execellent remedy for cough and cold. It prevents gas formation.

Oma Valli Bajji
          Karpuravalli  posses muscle-relaxant actions. Crushed leaves are used as a local application to head in headache and to relieve the pain and irritation caused by stings of centipedes. Expressed juice is applied round the orbit to relieve the pain in conjuctivitis.  A favourite Indian dish called Bajeh is made of the mopped leaves.


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